Wednesday, November 2, 2011

100 posts and the Zombie Apocalype...

It's no secret, zombies are so in right now. Between feature films like "ZombieLand" and AMC's hit show "The Walking Dead," it seems you can't change the channel without catching a glimpse of the undead. But why? There's nothing inherently lovable about zombies - if anything, they're about as un-lovable as it gets... hell, they want to eat our brains! So why are they so popular?

According to some, a Zombie Apocalypse is "a perfect example of total escapism – no government, authority, regulations, basic societial responsibilities and expectations, all disappearing into thin air over a short period of time. If you are one of the few that survived, survival, which is your most basic and ingrained instinct, becomes your sole object... in a world ruled by the dead… we are forced to start living."

Okay, I can buy that. But maybe it's just a natural progression from other undead obsessions (vampires, anyone?). Either way, I plan to survive when it comes down to it. 

So what does it take to survive? Surely being in shape gives one an immediate advantage. The first rule of ZombieLand is Cardio, after all. Zombies apparently don't like fast food.

So join a gym. Download some music or exercise videos. Run. Enter the "Run for Your Lives 5k" - think of it like a miniature Zombie Apocalypse training program! I just signed up for the one in the Boston area, and plan to use the next 6 months to whoop my butt into shape to dodge zombies. In early 2012, download "Zombie Run!" to your iPhone or Android - it's an immersive running game/audio adventure designed to get you ready for your impending doom!

Other than being in shape (so you can outrun the zombies), you'll want to get some time in at your local batting cage - that way if you're in close range of a walker, you can bash its head in with your finely tuned baseball bat skills. Oh, and it's a great upper body workout. It may not be a bad idea to hit the firing range too and see what kind of a shot you are.

So is this is how it's all gonna go down in December 2012... will the world end via zombies? What will you do to prepare?


  1. Love it! So, let me check out my list: alcohol, fruitcake, cardio. Got it.

  2. Who needs the batting cages when you have a good (empty) bottle of wine?!