Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A bet is a bet...

And when you make a bet... you have to pay up if you lose.

I entered into a bet with Michele over who would win the SuperBowl... whoever chose the losing team had to run (in miles) however many points their team lost by.


I lost. And so did the 52 other Patriots fans in Michele's SuperBowl Challenge. At least I was in good company!

Since the final score was 21-17 Giants... we all owed 4 miles. I got mine out of the way yesterday... 

As disappointing as the outcome of Sunday's game was, the 4 mile run wasn't so bad - I ran two of them with my friend Caitlin and her dog Buckley (isn't he adorable?)...

Yup, I shamelessly stole this picture from Caitlin's facebook.

Then finished the last two miles solo... the route was not one of my regular routes, as I met Caitlin at her house for our run - and I'm definitely feeling the effects of the hills in my calves today!

I was (pleasantly) surprised to see negative splits for a couple of the miles, since after achieving a PR in Sunday's Super 5k, I expected that my legs would be tired! 

On a separate note - I'm loving my Altra Intuition shoes more and more with every mile! Super comfortable, and now that I've got the rubbing/blisters on my Achilles' under control, I'm noticing a big difference while running compared to my old shoes.

My foot pain is practically non-existent, and I feel much lighter in my stride - on Sunday, a spectator along the race route even complimented me on my forefoot strike while I was running!

I've got a couple more running dates this week (tonight with my friend Sara and tomorrow with my mom), which puts me well on my way to the 20 miles I'm aiming for this week!

How many miles do you run per week? 

Do you have any tips for someone (like me) who is trying to up their weekly mileage?