Thursday, January 3, 2013

#DrinkUpLinkUp - Harpoon El Triunfo Coffee Porter

Good morning my lovelies!

I am loving that it's a short week for me at work - last week dragged after Christmas, but this week is flying by! Here's hoping that I didn't just jinx myself and today flies by too!

Yesterday I hit the employee gym after work for a strength session (Supreme 90 Day: Chest & Back) and a 5k on the treadmill. It wasn't a scheduled running day, but I wanted to log some extra miles for #TeamGiraffe!

Today is Supreme 90 Day: Ultimate Ball, which I really like, but am dreading because of how sore I am today! And again, a few more miles for #ChillyChallenge (you can still sign up HERE).

Yesterday I mentioned that we hosted a small beer tasting party on New Years Eve - I called it a "Happy New Beer" party, because I'm pretty lame and need a moderately clever name for everything I do.

Everyone had to bring a beer they had never tried before, and as luck would have it, everyone brought a different beer!

beer tasting party

My friend Heather brought a beer I'd been DYING to try, the latest in the Harpoon Brewery 100 Barrel Series, El Triunfo Coffee Porter.

My expectations were pretty high - I've loved each and every one of the 100 Barrel Series beers that I have tried to date... and the latest did not disappoint.

harpoon brewery el triunfo coffee porter

I'll start by saying that if you like coffee, you'll love this beer. Well... if you like coffee with very little cream or sugar.

This brew goes down smooth and tastes like something you'd order at your local coffee shop. I swore there was caffeine in it because shortly after drinking it, I was tearin' up the dance floor. I'm probably wrong but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Seriously though, it tastes like you're drinking a dark roasted coffee on ice. There are hints of caramel that balance the strong coffee flavor and quite frankly, it's delicious. It's right up there with Berkshire Brewing Company's Coffeehouse Porter (which is the coffee beer I measure all coffee beers against).

At 6% ABV, this medium-bodied delight not going to knock you on your butt - but it'll leave you feeling pretty good after a few glasses! Highly recommended. Well done once again Harpoon!

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