Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Who's running today?

Good morning lovelies!

If you haven't heard already (it's seriously mentioned on EVERY fitness/healthy living blog in my Feedly), it's National Running Day! Head on over to to answer their question - why do YOU run?

You can help me reach my goal by donating HERE.

I'll be hitting the pavement after work today to squeeze in a quick 3 miles before heading to our friends' Lindze & Mike's house for dinner and to meet the latest addition to their family, baby Lucas! It's an absolutely GORGEOUS day for a run today too, so I'm pretty pumped to get out and enjoy the sunshine!

Yesterday I wrote about my weight loss story and the start of a new chapter. I focused a lot on "the numbers" yesterday - guys, the number isn't everything. But for me, it IS a good indicator of whether or not I'm slipping in terms of the balance - eating right and working out to balance the not-so-occasional treat or adult beverage. I feel my fittest and best when I'm between 126-130lbs. I give myself a range because I know that the number can fluctuate quite a bit on a daily basis and it's just plain crazy to obsess over staying at one specific number.

Many of you mentioned that you use how your clothes fit as an indicator of whether you're on track, which is a great metric too - during my weight loss journey, there were times where the number on the scale wouldn't budge week after week, but my clothes were fitting better and better.

Sadly, that's not the case right now - I seriously split my pants two weeks ago. No, really. My favorite pair of jeans, ruined. Thankfully it happened in the comfort of my home and not at work. If that's not a kick in the pants (literally), I don't know what is!

Anyway, working out is only half the battle (and I've been doing really well with that this week - I even biked to work this morning!) - the other half is being smart about what I'm eating. Notice I said "being smart" and not "dieting." I'm not going to diet. I am going to be smart about my choices and not deprive myself of treats (because let's be honest, that's not going to happen).

I'm planning to log my food intake and workouts for a bit (using the Calorie Counter Android App from FatSecret) so I can see where my problem areas lie. And then I'm going to minimize them where I can. A little common sense and sensibility goes a long way!

Pretty fitting that Jenn's theme for June's WIAW Link Party is "Sensible Snacking" - I've been focusing on this in the last week or so. I stocked my fridge with easy "grab-and-go" items like cheese sticks, fruit and my new obsession now that the weather has gotten a bit warmer... 

Seriously, the Tangerine Outshine Fruit Bar is amazing. I can't speak to the Cherry or Grape yet because I've been eating all of the tangerine ones first. Addicted. Oh, and just ignore the two pints of Ben & Jerry's in there. It's Frozen Greek Yogurt, which makes it healthy, right? 

Anyway, I'm planning to incorporate the "Sensible Snacking" theme into more than just my snacks. Things like eating breakfast, packing a lunch, cooking dinner at home. and are my new best friends in this regard - every recipe I've tried from either site has been delicious! 

Pete & Gerry's Organic Eggs
Justin's Maple Almond Butter & Banana
Kashi Spinach Artichoke Pasta
SkinnyTaste Baked Jalepeno Poppers & Strawberries
But let's be clear - I'm not going to eat at home ALL of the time. It's a quality of life thing here guys - I enjoy going out for dinner and drinks with friends, and as the summer rolls on, we'll be attending more BBQs than I can even wrap my head around. But if we ARE going to dine out, I'm planning to make the healthier choice at least 75% of the time rather than going with the deep fried or BBQ'd awesomeness 100% of the time. It takes some planning and self control, but then again, so does getting back in shape, am I right?? 

Tonight, for example - we're picking up a Taco Bell party box for dinner at Lindze & Mike's house, and I'm planning to skip the CrunchWrap Supreme (my favorite) in favor of their Fresco Menu - 7 items under 350 calories and 10 grams of fat or less! And I've tried the stuff before, it's actually really tasty too (and no, I'm not sponsored by TBell - though I can attribute a lot of my college weight gain to late night CrunchWrap Supremes)! 

Anyway - I've rambled enough for today's WIAW. Your turn - leave a comment below telling me your favorite "sensible" option to enjoy at summer BBQs!